Month: November 2014


“I had worked with her before on my first shoot for Vogue. I love to have an actress in front of my camera who will take on the role and take it further with improv. Gia was a natural. She could always take you somewhere that excited the camera. Loved her.” Denis Piel, October 20,2014

cadac02359148595a76af26f698cb621 gia boys 2the hotel de crillon in paris july 1979 was madness. denis piel’s couture debut. gia’s first paris collections sitting for american vogue and one of the most talked about shows of the decade, yves saint laurent’s picasso collection. denis announced he would shoot the collections in available daylight ONLY. the couture houses needed the clothes during the day so they could be sold. denis also required the two little  harlequin boys from saint laurent’s show. he wanted special armchairs and couches and an hermes pigskin agenda, nothing else. the pictures were a huge success. the star was a photo of gia in a lace evening dress, lying down with the two boys, holding  bouquets of flowers. yves saint laurent  later used the picture for his own book as the shot that summed up the collection. american vogue used 12 shots of gia in all.